CarbonX is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for

Tire Technology Virtual ‘Live’

7-18 June 2021

Find out about our latest breakthrough and gain insight on using CarbonX® to outsmart the “magic triangle” for tire performance during the Compounding and Sustainable Mobility session in Week 1…

Daniela Sordi

Daniela Sordi

Co-founder & CTO

Back to Black: CarbonX® breaks the rules to combine performance and sustainability

CarbonX is a revolutionary new carbon material that makes it possible to break the magic triangle by unlocking new property combinations to provide high performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Dr. Sordi explained how CarbonX was able to simultaneously improve rolling resistance (13%), abrasion resistance (21%) and wet grip (7%), and how CarbonX® can help tire makers meet increasing demands for higher performance and sustainability – ultimately contributing to the overall reduction of CO2 and particle emissions.”

We are thrilled by the positive reactions to Daniela’s presentation on substituting carbon black and silica with CarbonX® to outsmart the “magic triangle” and improve fuel efficiency, durability, and grip at the same time.  Read through Daniela’s responses to several key questions posed at the event by experts in the tire industry here.