CarbonX is proud to have been a Gold Sponsor for the

5th Annual
Innovative All-Season & Winter Tire Development Forum

4-5 March 2021

The platform* provided a well-rounded perspective of the challenges and strategies driving the innovation in tire industry today, from in-depth analyses of real-world conditions to sustainability, new regulations, OEM requirements, and new trends in transport.

*organized by TBM Evolution Group

In addition to moderating sessions on the first day, CarbonX CTO Dr. Daniela Sordi shared the latest insights on CarbonX and how it behaves in tire formulations in her presentation, “Defying convention: The role of CarbonX in developing more sustainable, high-performance winter tires.”

Dr. Zhen Liu, Head of Elastomers, and Ms. Sophie Dik, Head of Sales, successfully led interactive break-out sessions to talk about some of our most successful applications/results and the current R&D ecosystem at CarbonX.

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