CarbonX Announces US Launch of Sustainable Tire Compound at CES 2023

CarbonX additive boosts tire performance and makes them longer lasting and environmentally friendly 

LAS VEGAS and DELFT, Netherlands – DECEMBER 13, 2023 – CarbonX announced its U.S. launch at CES 2023 today. The company’s proprietary CarbonX material – added to tires during manufacturing – replaces silica and conventional carbon black. CarbonX boosts tire performance such as mileage and fuel/energy efficiency, and offers manufacturers a better option for producing sustainable, high-performing tires. View a short video about how CarbonX tires are made here.

Roughly 750,000 tires manufactured with CarbonX are already in circulation within Europe. CarbonX works with a premium European tire maker to improve durability and grip without compromising the fuel efficiency of its winter tire. The expansion of CarbonX into the U.S. market will make the company’s proprietary CarbonX material available to North American tire manufacturers.

“Why choose between sustainability and performance?” We need new products that combine monetary and environmental benefits so sustainability becomes mainstream today and not by 2050,” said CarbonX CEO and co-founder Rutger Van Raalten. “There were no material solutions to make tires more sustainable without losing performance and durability — until now with CarbonX. Our entrance into the U.S. market will enable us to work with North American tire manufacturers to potentially save more than $10 billion in fuel costs on a yearly basis simply by producing better, more environmentally-friendly tires.”

Previously, manufacturers who wanted to produce sustainable tires had two choices: durability enhancers (carbon black ) and fuel efficiency enhancers (silica). CarbonX is composed of nano-sized carbon filaments that improve sustainability and performance at the same time. It is also porous and durable: the rubber penetrates the pores of the network and creates a strong connection. The improved interaction between CarbonX and the rubber molecules ensures that tires wear less, have lower rolling resistance and also optimum grip. Tires manufactured with CarbonX are more efficient because less energy is wasted in heat and noise generation. As a result, tires manufactured with CarbonX offer a solution to lower CO2 emissions and give more durability. Lab results combined with customer data suggest that tires made with CarbonX save up to 10% on fuel costs and last 10% longer than standard tires.

CarbonX currently works with 20 European tire manufacturers, with a goal to expand relationships within North America. A new 100% circular product line is expected by 2025, where CarbonX will be made from waste oils from end-of-life tires.

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About CarbonX

Founded in 2014, CarbonX is an advanced materials company that offers a revolutionary new carbon material to provide sustainability through better performance. The unique structure of CarbonX helps tiremakers meet the increasing demands in performance, safety and sustainability. For more information, please visit or learn more here.




Media Contact:
Rutger van Raalten | CEO, CarbonX
+31 6 4835 6802

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