Vision for 2021: Sustainability a Key Driver for Growth at CarbonX 

For a few years now, we have been slowly pivoting towards a smarter, more circular society, driven as much by increasing environmental awareness and regulation as the need for stronger, lighter, faster, and smaller products.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed the world down in 2020, but it also acted as an accelerator in terms of our transition into a more sustainable and circular society. We believe this “acceleration effect” has already had an impact on all of us, and that it will only get stronger in 2021.


CarbonX vs. Sustainability

Here at CarbonX, we noticed this acceleration effect during the first lockdown. Most projects slowed down… but surprisingly, some high-potential projects actually sped up. For example, CarbonX was shown to make more a durable, fuel-efficient tire – which ultimately reduces CO2 emissions and particle pollution.

We also saw that CarbonX can be used to make conductive polymers more lightweight and impact-resistant, so using it to make EMI-shielding battery casings in electric vehicles, for example, would make the vehicle lighter and thus improve its overall fuel efficiency.

These key projects showed that our carbon materials can improve performance and sustainability in the use phase as well as in the production phase, thus enabling businesses to reduce CO2 emissions, particle pollution, and waste without sacrificing profitability.

It has become increasingly clear that going forward, sustainability will play a key role in driving our business, both inside and out.


Cutting Through the Noise

We’re certainly not done with COVID-19, but the intrinsic changes we need to build a more resilient and sustainable world are closer than ever. After all, who wants to go back to bad habits?

The world may already be investing more in sustainability, but there is still much to be done in terms of meeting SDGs for 2030. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and we need real sustainability, not just greenwashing.

The pandemic recovery is our opportunity to accelerate climate action and sustainability at a faster rate than ever before. But to make that happen, innovation and agility must be embraced if we want to cut through the noise and achieve the rapid progress we need.


Accelerating Sustainability at CarbonX

CarbonX is committed to improving sustainability for its clients as well as within the company. The more sustainable we become, the stronger our value proposition in terms of sustainability.

We know CarbonX can make end-use products more sustainable, and that it can also improve sustainability for clients in the production phase. For example, the multifunctional nature of CarbonX enables a more efficient use of resources, and its structural integrity enables higher throughput with less breakage during processing. These properties also make CarbonX easier to re-use and recycle compared to other materials.

Our in-house research labs and our ability to rapidly scale up production enable us to customize solutions that optimize performance, processability and sustainability, faster and more precisely. And we are committed to making better use of the resources within our laboratories by recycling by-products and eliminating the use of non-sustainable chemicals.

We are also committed to making CarbonX itself more circular using sustainable sources, thus making it possible to offer greater sustainability not just in the use phase, but also in the production and end-of-life phases.

And finally, CarbonX has expanded its vision for sustainability by having a greater social impact within the community and actively promoting diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity within the company.

Join our ecosystem for smart and sustainable application development today! Experience full product development support to achieve smart, lightweight and more durable material solutions. If you would like to learn more about CarbonX or work with us, please contact our Sales Director, Sophie Dik at

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