Join us creating a better world – #morethanjustcarbon

The world is in need of Change. Our company’s vision is to be part of the change not only by providing smart and sustainable solutions, but also by helping our community the most we can.

We are #morethanjustcarbon!


CarbonX Donates to Delft Food Bank

At the start of 2020, CarbonX purchased an order of Dutch chocolate bars customized with its own brand label to be distributed in conferences throughout the year. Some of you may remember them being handed out at the Tire Technology Expo earlier this year.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling conferences all around the world, we had to store our chocolate bars and look for a better alternative – and we are happy to announce that we found it!

Last week, we donated 800 chocolate bars to the Food Bank in Delft, which collects food donations for local residents in need. Our chocolate bars will be distributed and hopefully bring joy to around 400 families in the Delft area – a wonderful Plan B, if you ask us!

Join Us in the Movement to Create a Better World

We are proud to be involved in the Food Bank’s initiative to create a better world by helping people who are struggling with hunger every day, but this is just the beginning. Which is why we have started a campaign to encourage more people in our company and community to join us and help the Food Bank in Delft by donating more items.

Do you live in the Delft area and have some items for donation? Please contact them here:

Do you live in other cities? There are many other Food Banks in the Netherlands which also need help and donations. You can find a list of the Dutch Food Banks here:



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